Mr. Valery Andrus (Donetsk inventor)
Interview by: Mr. Valerij Gerlanets,
(member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and the International Federation of Journalists)

The entire texts of Andrus's works are on the web-site
under the reference 'The Epoch Discovery'

Believe it or not

The history of mankind retains names of the numerous characters who dared overturn the commonly accepted postulates or the conventional fundamental notions of science, names of inventors of the perpetual motion machines and similar sources of energy or mysterious methods of changing base metals into precious ones. Some of them turned out to be absolute charlatans but ideas of others more than once proved to be a breakthrough in the human knowledge. Their seemingly insane theories and inventions refuted the dogmas and false beliefs that had existed for years. Galileo Galilee, Nicholas Copernicus, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Edward Tsiolkovsky, Vladimir Vernadskiy, Alfred Hubbard and others were among these scientific "trouble-makers". If not their revolutionary conceptions we would still be hammering away with stone axes and moving around exceptionally on foot.

There is such a man in Donetsk too who braves the notions of the contemporary science on the organization of micro and macrocosm. His name is Valeriy Fyodorovitch Andrus and he is a Chief Engineer for one of the major machine-building plants. He is the author of the Neutron Theory of the Universe, the Neutron Physics and the Neutron Chemistry. The three new sciences have been developed around the single notion of the structure of the Universe - from ultimate particles to galaxies. The theory for the sciences was presented by the author in a popular scientific form in his books "Thoughts Aloud" and "People" which are available at one of the sites in the World Wide Web.

In these books the author describes mechanisms of producing all minerals, the method of artificial synthesis of gold and superbig diamonds, the mechanism of action of the continuous electric power generator. He gives theoretically-grounded answers for numerous questions the contemporary science is just unable to explain. What is the process of stars formation and what are they build of? What is a ball lightning? Do UFOs exist? Is it possible to make a gravity engine for interplanetary space-ships?..

We believe that the interview with this unordinary person might be of interest for many of our readers.

- Valeriy Fyodorovitch, I've recently had an occasion to talk to a professor of the Moscow Lomonosov University and he told me that our civilization has virtually run out of the world mineral oil reserves. The expert estimate that with the present consumption rates the remaining reserves will be sufficient for not more than 32 years, which will be followed by the post-oil era with its completely different sources of energy. And then I read your works, saying that you have already designed such kind of a source and that the energy it produces is free. Can you demonstrate this device in operation?
- I have created and bench-tested a generator with capacity of one kilowatt. You may ask me why the capacity is so small. Because it could be handled by one man without any lifting devices and because making of this generator didn't require any special equipment. I was making the bench and the generator for a year and a half in my free time. To determine its capacity I connected it to an ordinary domestic cooker and boiled 1 liter of water. It took the same time as boiling the same amount of water at the same cooker connected to a 220 volt alternating current circuit. The boiling time differed by not more than 30 seconds. But the more people learned about my invention, the more interest it awakened, mainly from the criminal circles. They inquired about the principles of operation and asked me all sorts of questions... At the same time the official science and the corresponding state institutions didn't pay any attention to my appeals and treated me as another mad inventor of a perpetual motion machine. That is why I decided to destroy the generator. It was an extremely hard decision for me but I didn't trust the shady people who showed their interest in it.
- So, you want to say that you have designed a source of free energy working on completely new principles, the source of energy which can make it unnecessary for the mankind to extract oil, coal and gas, the reserves of which are very limited in fact?
- Wide application of such generators in our country, which is strongly dependent on the oil- and gas-producing countries (the latest example is the recent gas prices take off, which led to the rise in all other prices), would become a real energy breakthrough and raise the living standards of our people. For decades ahead the price of electric energy will be composed of only the primary cost of equipment. Each house and each flat will have there own source of electric energy requiring no fuel. The same, but higher capacity sources will be installed on the industrial plants and factories. The huge energy industry with its hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power stations, electric mains and transforming stations will disappear forever. Just think of the environmental benefits it will bring.
- You are obviously aware of the fact that the official science, which is based on the classical thermodynamics laws, finds the existence of the perpetual motion machine impossible.
- In the recent decades the science for a variety of reasons has transformed from the driving force of progress into a real "inquisition" with the system of dogmas that finally brought its development to a standstill. These dogmas are the ground for modern atomic physics, nuclear physics, elementary-particle physics, nuclear chemistry. But is the revolution in the fundamental sciences possible today? It is not only possible but has already taken place. The results of it brought to life three new fundamental sciences: neutron physics, neutron chemistry and neutron astrophysics. Albert Einstein in his time attempted to create a unified field theory, which would have consolidate the three fields: electric, magnetic and gravity fields. His attempts weren't a success, but the aim was set. I managed to achieve it, and in a wider plane. I have created the unified field theory for six fields: light, thermal, electric, magnetic, gravity, mass (for particles and energy carriers). This served as a theoretical basis for the continuous energy generator I have designed.
- I hope you are not the only one who develops such power sources?
- In different periods of history, in different countries there appeared the prototypes of engines whose principles of operation were difficult to explain. The official science didn't even try to understand these principles and just accused the inventors of swindling and falsifications. As far as I know it was only an Englishman Searl who avoided such accusations. He doesn't have a University degree at all but managed to built an engine of such a simple construction that nobody could detect any signs of cheating in it even on the closest examination. The inventor took an annular magnet and placed it with cylinder magnets of smaller diameter around it - this construction looked exactly as a roller bearing. If you turn the rotor of this device and it reaches particular speed, it starts operating in the autorotation mode and to stop it you have to apply some force. Sergey Godin and Vladimir Roshin - two young physicists from the Institute of High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Science - visited Searl to see his installation but he told them little but nothing. However the Russians have reconstructed his invention and build a perpetual motion machine, which not only works but produces energy of about 10 kilowatts. Besides, the temperature in the laboratory where it was installed went down by 8 - 10 degrees Celsius. It means that the engine operates as a thermo-compressor that pumps the energy from air. And what is more, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" newspaper, the original weight of the Godin-Roshin converter decreases by 120 kg while it is in operation. This fact alone offers great prospects for development of the future aircrafts. Godin and Roshin published information on their invention in the media (though no specialized physics journal dared publish their article) and took out a patent for it. Bravo to the plagiarists who pinched the Searl's idea! Yet scientists or big businessmen have shown interest in their work yet. But the Americans do have a concern in this innovation and, as far as I know, Searl is already working for them.
- So, it looks like the mankind is approaching the moment when the last barrel of oils is pumped out of the depths of the Earth and at the same time it isn't looking for alternative and probably even cheaper sources of energy.
- It is not quite so. The search for this kind of sources is constantly underway. For more than half a century scientists have been aware of existence of such a continuous generator of energy. It was created by the English researcher Smith Floyed. Being a continuous generator of energy by definition, it is unstable, uncontrollable and thus it hasn't been into practice widely. There has been a lot of fuss about the recent scandal with the Russian academician Valerian Sobolev whose group has allegedly designed a continuous source of energy. The owners of the know-how claimed that their energy crystals will revolutionize the sphere of energy generation and the world will enter a new era of technical development. It was informed by the Russian news agency "Novosti" that a Canadian company had concluded a $168 million contract with the Volgograd Science-and-Production Centre "GRUS" for development and production of the power generators of a fundamentally new type. But as it turned out later the power sources were not more than a fraud. After that the official science once again made the usual authoritative statement: the perpetual motion machine is impossible. The main argument - energy can not appear out of nowhere - is a glaring example of the incompetence of the contemporary science which doesn't understand what the energy is, but assumes the right to talk nonsense and to suppress the otherwise-minded. Well I'll try to enlighten the big science on this matter. In all the parallel worlds of the Universe, regardless of the base carrier which is a construction material for all the chemical elements of a given world, each particle is continuously kept active by stars whether it is in the form of a particle, or an energy carrier with acceleration mechanisms, or as a chemical element through its gravitational flows - the unstructured constituent of magnetic fields, which are constantly renewed by light. Thus, there is only one type of energy in the Universe - the energy of stars in the form of light and its derivatives. That it why any physical or chemical transformations do not change the general picture and it is always the energy of stars. This makes the perpetual motion machine act on the gravitational flow of stars - in our case this star is the Sun.
- And are you ready to demonstrate a machine like this?
- An inventor in his right mind will never present his creation to public until he ensures for the safety of his invention and his own safety. Especially when it might result in the major breakthrough in the area of energy generation. If all these things are guaranteed and the standard conditions of co-operation are agreed, I will not only create the continuous energy generator again but will also make a film about it, which will clearly show that my invention is free of any tricks. Today it will cost about 20 thousand Grivnas or even less.
- There is a chapter in your work on neutron chemistry where you describe the ways of turning various metals into gold. It may seem strange for a man of the XXI century to become enthusiastic about the medieval alchemy.
- No, it isn't alchemy. I simply rejected some of the present scientific dogmas. As the author of the unified field theory I can contend that not only electrons with atoms but also the atoms in the form of a nucleus with electrons are non-existent in nature. This conception of the structure of the matter is completely wrong. The second dogma is Mendeleyev's Periodic Table. The commonly adorable gold, silver and platinum are not the chemical elements but the deuterium alloys. That is why every metal can be turned into a precious one, by saturating its crystal lattice with deuterium. Not long ago Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Leonid Urutskoyev of the Kurchatov Nuclear Energy Institute quite incidentally produced gold out of titanium when doing tests with powerful electric charges. The researches continued their experiments with various metals - wolfram, zirconium, lead - and each time had the same results. This didn't surprise me at all because long before the Urutskoyev's experiments I described the same technology in my book "Thoughts Aloud". In the same book one can find the Andrus' Table of chemical elements transformations. The neutron sciences I have developed put an end to the obsolete cut-and-try method and open the straight road to the conscious and quite predictable discoveries and fantastic technical innovations. The only thing I still have to overcome is the human disbelief. If I find the resources for implementation of my projects, they will surely turn the people's life to better once and for all.

The interview was taken by Valeriy GERLANETS P.S. We hope that this publication in our news-paper will give rise to a discussion of the topic by scientists, engineers, technical designers and businessmen, the opponents and the supporters of Valeriy Andrus - the man who dared shake the foundations of the contemporary fundamental sciences and our ideas of the world and the "nature of things".

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